Our City

The City of Little Rock is intent on providing everything that a well-run, inclusive, business-friendly and growing community needs. Our city council works very hard to insure the best in health options, safety and security and city planning for our residents, according to the size and needs of our community. 


Planning & Zoning

Little Rock Planning and Zoning laws insure that the community grows in an efficient and strategic manner. 


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Fire Department

The Little Rock Fire Department provides all the needed safety equipment and training to keep Little Rock Safe. 



City Hall & Rec Center

Rental Fees:


$300 for auctions

Includes: Tables, Chairs, and Kitchen  (can seat 250)

Contact Melvin Winter for reservations



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Little Rock’s EMS staff are well trained to provide the best care possible. Injured individuals can be assured they will arrive at a care facility safely and quickly.


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City Wide Clean-Up Day

This is a service for Little Rock residents, only. 

        Acceptable Items:  furniture, household items, small amounts of wood and carpet cut into 6' lenghts or shorter, bundled into 40 lb bundles or lighter. Light metal objects suck as grills and other miscellaneous items.

$15 for TVs, computer screens, towers, refrigerators, furnaces, washers, dryers, dish washers, miscrowaves, air conditioners, water heaters, dehumidifiers, freezers

Pile car batteries & scrap iron separately.  

*no electronics *no tires *no chemicals *no yard waste *no car parts *no concrete *no demolition or construction debris

All items to be placed at the curb and paid for ahead of pick up.


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City Council

Little Rock City Council member are excited to be a part of a great community. Members work closely with Little Rock Businesses and residents to create continuous potential for the City of Little Rock. 


City Council Election

  • Mayor Position
  • 3-Council Posistions

Nomination papers available at City Office. They are due to the City Office 9/18/19 @ 5pm.