Our Town

A brief history of LIttle Rock: 

In 1884 the B.C.R. & N Railroad was surveyed throughout here and the town of Little Rock was plotted. It consisted of nine square blocks. The first scheduled train came thru on Dec 3, 1884. From that time on, there was a building boom in Little Rock.  From Hotels being built, to Lumberyards, Banks, Taverns, Hardware stores. The town continued to grow and now includes many businesses, homes, agricultural lots and community facilities.

Small town atmosphere: 

The City of Little Rock is the picture of a quaint country town. We love our small-town feel and robust community. Our community-wide events, especially our famous Corn Show really showcases the amazing and dedicated people we call neighbors. 



Campground is open. $15.00 per night.

Our campground on the edge of town offers a great place to relax. Situated in theTown & Country Park and the town ball-field, campers can make sure their vacation time includes sports activities as well as leisure. 

The dumping station at the Town & Country Park is to only permitted by paid campers of the Town & Country Campground.



Our Town Library offers a space for community members to learn and relax. Located on main street, the library is just a short walk away from retail and service businesses.




Little Rock is home to many organizations that keep our residents connected to their community and greater causes for others around the world. One of these organizations is the well-known Little Rock Town and Country Club. 



Parks & Recreation

Little Rock has two main parks: The old City Park and also the Town and Country Park and a campground. Residents and visitors will find playgrounds, picnic shelters and sports fields for their recreation activities.